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The Struggle

The Customer's Voice
Bet you've heard this once or twice:
Listen to your customers.
You probably also know it's not as easy as it sounds – that's where Theory comes in.
Proven strategies that show you what your users really want.
Using our product design toolkit, we can help you generate predictable results with measurable impact.
Innovation Workshops
Innovation workshops
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping
Customer Development
Customer Development
MVP Sprints
MVP Sprints
Design Systems
Design Systems
The 4-day Product Design Sprint
Theory's Product Design Sprint Guide

A fast-paced approach to design that shows you how to make better product decisions.

+ Less effort and strain on resources
+ More creativity, team alignment, and fun
+ Consistent impact and predictable success

Test early, test with real users.

Our cardinal rule. As little as 5 user sessions will give you the insight you need to make effective decisions with more confidence.
User Testing Feedback
"At my last startup, the design and UX/UI of our app was our single most frequent praise. Theory was our secret weapon (not so secret anymore 😉). Very highly recommended.”

Paul Lambert
Senior Product Manager @ Google


We worked with Chorus to create the brand, marketing, and product from stealth-mode to market leader.
Chorus.ai Screenshot
• Design Sprint
• Growth Design
"Theory has been there since day one as a trusted partner. They were instrumental in creating our Product & Branding DNA.”

- Roy Raanani
CEO & Co-founder
We brought design culture to Foodee with hands-on team training and design sprint workshops. Together, we streamlined onboarding and automated crucial workflows.
Design Sprint / Product DESIGN
Foodee Screenshot
"We loved the team alignment of the Sprint process and are excited about the results from working with Theory.”

- Patrick Frost
Head of Product
When Usersnap needed to launch a new offering in the Customer Feedback space, we assisted them with branding, marketing, and product strategy.
Usersnap Marketing Website
• Branding Sprint
• Marketing
• Product Strategy
"Theory was the perfect partner to handle our branding and product strategy as we pivoted. Tremendous value as we they helped us technical, product, and customer-focused considerations."
- Josef Trauner,
We love helping Outreach with product marketing. Our work together has spanned a number of initiatives and sub-brands including Sales Hacker, Galaxy, and Unleash.
Marketing / BRANDING ECOSYSTEM / WEB DESIGN / Event Design
Outreach Unleash 2020 Website
"We love the high impact creative direction that Theory provides. They are a great partner for product and event marketing.”

- Melissa Westendorf
Director Field Marketing
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